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Welcome to TurboMet International...

an independent, privately owned Metallurgical Consulting company based in San Antonio, Texas.

TurboMet Company Mission

To provide highly competent, cost effective, and expedient metallurgical services to gas turbine and steam turbine users, power plant operators, oil and gas companies, turbine repair vendors, insurance companies and law firms.

TurboMet Company Profile

TurboMet International was founded in 2001 by V. P. 'Swami' Swaminathan, Ph.D, FASME who has over 35 years of experience with steam and gas turbine materials and metallurgical processes. TurboMet has expertise in conducting root-cause failure analyses and mitigation, metallurgical condition evaluations, service induced degradation assessment, integrity assessment of blades, discs and rotors; remaining life evaluations (RLA studies), life management, material & coating selections for gas turbine and steam turbine components. TurboMet has access to state-of-the-art laboratory equipment to conduct diversified metallurgical analysis and mechanical testing. Interdisciplinary teaming agreements with highly experienced professionals with complimentary skills make it possible for TurboMet to offer an expanded array of services to clients. TurboMet has provided consulting services to many companies in the U.S.A, Canada, South America, the UK, India and the Middle East.

Please contact us for more information:

V.P. "Swami" Swaminathan, Ph.D., FASME.
President and Principal Metallurgical Consultant
Telephone: 210/520-9030(O)
Fax: 210/520-9030
E-mail: swami@turbo-met.com

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